The global, competitive market of today’s business world dictates that industry must improve in every facet of the production process. Energy costs can no longer be held as a necessity of the process - they must be investigated and reduced.

Energy Management Services is dedicated to providing industry with the expertise to address process energy concerns. Services are provided through three primary avenues:

· Energy Assessments

· Training

· Technical Assistance

Energy assessments involve an on-site evaluation of energy intensive processes. Savings or improvement “potentials” are determined with the most promising being investigated in great detail. Real-world, practical, and sustainable solutions are brought forward. Sophisticated software, developed by Energy Management Services personnel, aid in evaluation of energy systems. The software is designed to accurately model energy systems and identify inefficiencies as well as best practices. The software integrates the physics of energy systems with economics. The assessment format is presented in a teaching style that allows all aspects of the analysis are explained while in the field investigating the systems.

Training ranges from broad based, general energy management for typical industrial plants, to detailed courses on specific topics, which can be further specialized for a specific facility of industry. Primary courses cover the operation, maintenance, and management of energy systems such as boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, and compressed air systems. Each course not only focuses on the fundamentals of operation but the primary methods of efficiency improvement along with maintenance concerns. 

Technical assistance focuses on individual process areas. Technical assistance can take many forms, which commonly focus on implementation of recommendations. Acute performance improvement, long-term strategies, and sustainable management strategies are addressed. Preliminary design and project scope development are provided as well as interaction with suppliers.

Energy Management Services has been working with industrial clients for many years and has aided in producing significant impacts. Energy savings greater than $100 million/year were identified for a major petroleum company through more than fifty site assessments. As part of a broader cross-discipline team assembled to serve one company more than $60 million/year in savings were identified in just 18 months of activity at several sites—more than $15 million/yr was captured within that 18 month period. All of the savings identified has been related to projects with a simple pay back of less than 2 years.